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Empowering Veterans, transforming lives. We are where camaraderie and support meet 

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Monthly Socials

Through this initiative, we aim to facilitate excellent opportunities for veterans facing challenges. By providing access to appropriate resources, individuals can harness their own capabilities and develop the self-assurance to realize their full potential. Reach out to our team today to delve deeper into our efforts.


Annual Veterans Day BBQ

Our Annual Veterans Day BBQ is a community event dedicated to expressing gratitude and respect to our veterans and their families. Get in touch with us to explore sponsorship opportunities


Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser

This golf tournament provides funding for our association for the entire year. We are ask the community to join us for the day at the golf course which will help us with associated costs while helping raise money for future events to benefit our veterans. Our goal is to make this annual event that will fund our mission for the year. This fundraiser will help fund our annual BBQ on Veterans Day, help us continue to be charitable to other veteran organizations, provide direct help to those in our community, and will also provide food and entertainment for a picnic on Memorial Day. We ask that you please invite all veterans along with their spouse or significant other, and join us for this fun and exciting event. 


United We Stand.
United We Serve. 
Join the SWLA Veterans Association family today! 


About Us and Our Mission:

Southwest Louisiana Veterans Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 by Bubba Viator. The association is operated by local veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Upholding our motto For Veterans, By Veterans,” our mission is not only giving back but also being there when it counts; ensuring no one gets left behind after returning home from active duty. Where duty ends, hope begins. Driven by our belief in the power of unity and compassion, we are devoted to helping one another navigate post-military life through mentorship, advocacy, and community building initiatives. 

What We Do:

Our journey began with a simple act of kindness - providing a free BBQ on Veterans Day in 2015. Empowered by our humble beginnings, we have evolved into an association of several hundred members led by a seven-member Board of Directors as a non-profit 501c3 organization.

Lets fuel our momentum! We invite our community to join us in raising funds for administrative costs, future events supporting our veterans, job training courses, time-of-need assistance, improving employability alongside vital safety nets during difficult times, transportation, Veterans Day BBQ, monthly socials and empowering other non-profit organizations that align with our mission. Together we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our nations hero's. We are united in purpose and passionate about making an impact. As more become aware about the issues faced by those braving wars abroad only then can real change happen at grassroots level making communities stronger than ever imagined possible.

Some of the non-profit organizations we support are City of Refuge, a homeless shelter for veterans, in Vinton, La. We have helped a local film director and veteran Justin Roberts raise awareness for veteran mental health due to PTSD. Our board members serve as the point of contact for other organizations that need help or want to partner with us for events. The American Legion post in Lake Charles and Kinder has used our group to help get volunteers to accomplish community service projects. We have a line of communication with the Lake Charles City Mayor Nic Hunter, Calcasieu Parish District Attorney Stephen Dwight, along with local law enforcement agencies and parish government. 

Our welcoming environment helps veterans transform their lives by facilitating connections with others who understand the challenges they face. We offer guidance on career development, navigation of legal issues, maximizing VA benefits as well as connecting them with doctors and therapists committed to supporting our heroes in need. By offering this safe haven where camaraderie flourishes alongside practical help - we inspire hope that brighter futures lie ahead; making each day more manageable than the last. Above all else standing out from other initiatives, is this organization grants these heroes in uniform an irreplaceable feeling - being part of something bigger than themselves once again.


We could not do this without the support of our community and citizens. All donations directly impact the lives of the veterans in our association. 


Founding Members:

Gary Viator

Michael McAnulty


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Marine Corps

Marine Corps


Marine Corps

Marine Corps

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Honor and Celebrate Our Nation’s Heroes

Carry The Load is a non-profit organization that provides an active way to connect Americans to the sacrifices made daily by our military, veterans, first responders and their families.


What started in 2011 as a mission to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day has now grown to honoring our nation's heroes 365 days a year.

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No Greater Love Movie

"Chaplain Justin David Roberts served 6 years active duty as an Army Chaplain. Before he left the Army in 2015, he discovered that he was struggling with depression and PTSD. Wondering what kind of father he would be if he didn't face his issues, he sets out on a journey to meet up with members of his old unit. Along the way, they recall their hellish deployment. In total, 17 soldiers were killed in action (KIA) and over 200 were wounded during the deployment. Almost all of the men that were lost died while either trying to save someone or protect others. The common thread in every one of these stories of valor is love.


No Greater Love layers the footage Chaplain Roberts shot on missions in Afghanistan, with heartfelt interviews of men he served with and Gold Star family members. Through these stories, the soldiers that deployed with No Slack are finding healing and purpose after combat."

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Community Involvement

We do our best to give back to those that have served.

City of Refuge

Southwest Louisiana Veterans Home

River Clean Up


Ruck Marches

Three Beards Band

No Greater Love Movie

Annual Veterans Day BBQ

Memorial Day Celebration

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Three Beards are a Texas alternative rock band formed by Hank Barbe, a combat vet featured in a TIME Magazine article for a lifesaving mission in Iraq in 2003 titled "Anatomy of a Medevac". Hank started playing music as an outlet to help cope with some of the symptoms of PTSD and created a new career where he could channel his energy. "Lessons Learned" has gained attention from fans, movie producers and other bands, covering the inner thoughts of a soldier struggling with PTSD and suicide. The band are putting out new music monthly as well as a new full length album soon and playing constantly.

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